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Any File Info

A professional exif viewer and md5 decrypter on Mac!

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Any File Info is a professional mac exif viewer to browse and edit files and media info. It supports multiple types of files:documents, images, audios and videos.

Any File Info enables you to access advanced information clearly and quickly. It supports more of Hash Value than other apps. With Any File Info, you can view EXIF details of images; browse the attributes of any files; and look over detailed information of both audios and videos.

 What you can do with this exif viewer and md5 decrypter:

1  Support more of Hash Value:

MD4 Hash
MD5 Hash SHA Hash SHA1 Hash
SHA256 Hash
SHA512 Hash
SHA224 Hash
SHA384 Hash MDC2 Hash RMD160 Hash

2 View EXIF info
1)  Browse detailed information of audios and videos.
2)  View EXIF details of images.

3 Browse Media Info

* File path
* File creation date
* File modification date
* File owner
* File group
* File size

4 Copy advanced information about any file
5 Drag and Drop files to the Dock Icon
6 Save “hash value and detail information”  to the file.
7 Add a “Open in Any File Info” menu item to Finder’s context menu, enabling you to open files easily in any location.


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