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Rename Master - Batch rename files on Mac

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Rename Master is the most convenient, useful renaming solution nowadays which you can use to batch rename thousands of files in a few seconds. It supports rename files on Mac , adding a numerical sequence to the camera images and change file name between cases. Rename Master targets to maintain your files well-organized.

How to rename files on Mac with Rename Master

1 Batch rename files

– String Editing Options:

· Prefix - add some text to the start of a filename.
· Suffix - add some text to the end of a filename.
· Insert text to the specified character position.
· Insert text before(after) some texts.
· Substitute original name - overwrite existing filenames.

– Convenient Format Editing Options:

· You can convert between All lowercase, All uppercase, Title case, Sentence case, Capitalize.

– Numerical Sequence Options

· Custom name with numeric.
· Add a numerical sequence to the start or end of filenames.
· Insert numeric before(after) the specified texts.
· Insert numeric to the specified character position.

– Professional Date & Time Options:

· Substitute name with date. You can custom your format style.
· Add date and/or time to the start or end of filenames.
· Insert date or time in specified place.

2 Undo All your renaming.

3 Support hot keys.

4 Support file filtering

5 Drag and drop a folder from Finder onto the application icon or dock icon and you’re ready to  rename files on Mac.


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